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Editors Weblog: The New York Times Magazine to launch redesign

The Editors Weblog reported on yesterday’s relaunch of the New York Times Magazine. The magazine includes new features, new columnists, and some contributions from the newsroom staff of the New York Times.

The post also reports on a new blog launched on the magazine’s website last week.

On March 2nd, the site began The 6th Floor Blog: Eavesdropping on the Times Magazine. In its inaugural post, editor Hugo Lindgren explained, “This blog is meant as a humble complement to the magazine — a place to let readers listen in on the conversations that happen in the office.”  Several blogs have already been posted on a broad range of topics, from Libya’s ties to the British elite, to the question of what makes a good apology.

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News publishers and Amazon’s multiplatform plans

This week it was reported that Amazon is looking to open up newspaper and magazine subscriptions bought for the Kindle onto any digital platform that runs Kindle apps.

Reporting on the news, Editors Weblog and paidContent question whether this will appeal to news publishers already managing or planning their own subscription models across platforms such as the iPad and iPhone. Summing up Editors Weblog says:

The new feature may not be the best idea for those already selling their own multi-platform subscriptions or who want to control their brands on other devices. The Wall Street Journal will not partake in the digital content exchange, and The New York Times has been less than forthright about its plans for being included, saying “We’ll be announcing our bundle details when we launch the details of our paid model.”

Charging for comments, instead of content

A US-based newspaper has announced it will charge readers $1 to comment on articles, in an interesting addition to recent debates surrounding online news revenue streams.

According to a report by the Editors Weblog, the Sun Chronicle will set the fee from tomorrow, with the payment process also meaning the posters name and town will also be published.

The article quotes the Chronicle’s publisher, Oreste D’Arconte, saying the payment has been introduced to “eliminate past excesses that included blatant disregard for our appropriateness guidelines, blind accusations and unsubstantiated allegations”.

But this has drawn some criticisms from those who feel anonymous speech often supports the most honest and open of comments.

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Editors Weblog: ‘What will happen to the Boston Globe?’

A good summary from a variety of sources by the Editors’ Weblog on the future of the Boston Globe.

“As the Boston Newspaper Guild and Boston Globe management take a break in negotiations until next week, speculation has been mounting on possible buyers for the paper and what its future might be. The union and owner the New York Times Co are trying to come to an agreement on how to make $10 million of savings following the union’s narrow rejection of a deal and the Times Co’s subsequent imposition of a 23 per cent pay cut for all staff. The company is also looking at selling the paper.”

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