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Advancing The Story: On pooling news video

As plans in the UK for greater sharing of resources between ITV, the BBC and other agencies are developed, here are some pointers from across the pond on the pros and cons of sharing news video.

A benefit, suggests Deborah Potter:

  • “Stations that participate in pools will have more photographers available to shoot enterprise stories that could make each station’s newscasts more distinctive.”

A negative:

  • “Stations using pools could decide to cut their staff rather than redeploy them to cover other stories. That could make local newscasts even more alike than they are now.”

In a time of strapped resources, will news video sharing become the norm and could it help to boost local news on TV and the web?

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Advancing The Story: Why Missouri J-School is asking students to have iPhones

While iPhones could be a tool for students to experiment with mobile journalism, the journalism school at the University of Missouri is making the device a requirement for new students for another reason entirely: the institute is going to make its lectures available for free on iTunes.

Is this requirement necessary, asks Deborah Potter, especially if students can access them through iTunes.

But a good free resource for non-Missouri students too.

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Is the media hiring, thriving or dying? All three @Twitter

Flagged up by Deborah Potter on her Advancing the Story blog, @themediaishirin’ – a new Twitter channel for 140 character CVs, job applications and offers of work.

It’s from the same group behind @themediaisdying – only the baby looks a lot happier in the profile pic.