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Buzzmachine: Kai Diekmann, Bild editor and brand

Jeff Jarvis reviews the new blog and online shop of Kai Diekmann, head of German newspaper Bild.

Diekmann is a brand in himself and in this respect unmatched in the Anglophone world, suggests Jarvis – and he’s getting attention for his paper.

“There’s a 360-degree tour of his office, starring him. Click on his possessions and learn more – about, for example, a piece of the Berlin Wall signed by Helmut Kohl, Mikhail Gorbachev, and George Bush (41). He has a bio and lots of photos. Diekmann interviews himself (Why are you writing a blog, he asks. ‘I’m just incurably vain,’ he answers). He posts video he shoots himself – ‘ich bin Videoblogger-in-Chief für Bild.de’ – including one in Baghdad and another of him getting a shot. He brags about the commercials for Bild made by Bild’s readers, who understand its brand well. He links gleefully to an interview with a competitive publisher and scion of a German publishing family (founders of Der Spiegel) who says the esteemed Süddeutsche Zeitung won’t be around on paper in 20 years – but Bild will,” writes Jarvis.

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Communicate Magazine: The digital grapevine and protecting brands online

Plenty for news organisations to think about in this piece looking at how misinformation can be spread online, in particular developing a strategy for dealing with ‘viral’ rumours:

“Having decided that a rumour can’t go unchallenged, a company needs to set out its terms of engagement.”

These situations provide further impetus for news organisations to establish a loyal following for its online brand – for instance, a third-party rebuttal of a rumour is stronger than a denial by the brand itself, argues the article.

Central to all strategies for handling the spread of misinformation about your organisation online, however, seems to be active participation in conversations about your brand (which in turn means carefull use and monitoring of social media and online forums).

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