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Public Agenda: Private newspapers in Africa hit by advertising slump

Newspapers across the world are in trouble, and private newspapers in Africa have been hit particularly hard, writes Amos Safo for Public Agenda. Using Ghana as an example, he reports that many newspapers are being suffocated out of the market:

“[T]hanks firstly, to the increasing price of newsprint and associated costs. Secondly many newspapers are being denied adverts not only by private companies, but state institutions. As you read this article, The Statesman has folded up temporarily to regroup. Other newspapers, including Public Agenda are heavily indebted to their printers to the extent that some have not paid their reporters for three months.”

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AllAfrica.com: ‘Mushrooming’ Ghanaian journalism schools must be checked, says Press Corps dean

The dean of the Ghanaian Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC), Andrew Edwin Arthur, recommended that the Ghana Journalist Association work with the Ministries of Information and Education ‘to help streamline’ journalism training institutions in Ghana, reports AllAfrica.com.

“This, according to him, would help raise journalism standards which for some time now have been on the decline. Mr. Arthur’s argument was against the backdrop of falling standards of journalism in the country which he partly attributed to the influx of ‘mushroom’ journalism institutions that have not been accredited and recognized by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).”

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allAfrica.com: Radio director detained in Somalia

Armed Somali government troops have jailed the director of Warsan radio station in the south-western town of Baidoa, reports the Shabelle Media Network in Mogadishu, for allAfrica.com.