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PeterboroughToday: ‘A tour of the new Media and Journalism Centre’

Peterborough Today’s feature, with photo gallery, on Peterborough Regional College’s new media and journalism centre:

“This is better than some of the studios at the BBC,” said actor Ralf Little, as he was shown around Peterborough Regional College’s new Media and Journalism Centre.

“I am very impressed.”

£750,000 has transformed an empty building ‘into a state-of-the-art facility helping to train budding media stars of the future,’ writes Julia Ogden.

Full story at this link…

French court finds website guilty of privacy breach for linking

Last week a French court found a website guilty of breach the privacy of actor Olivier Martinez because it linked to a story about him (hat tip Cybersoc).

The site, Fuzz.fr, had linked to a gossip website which was carrying a story about the actor’s relationship with Australian singer Kylie Minogue.

In landmark ruling for the French online world, the court decided that Fuzz.fr has taken ‘an editorial decision’ to link to the other site and was therefore responsible for the content.

The site, which allows users to post their own links, was taken offline shortly after the ruling.

“It’s a black day for French participatory websites, because it opens the door to all kinds of (court) procedures,” Fuzz’s creator Eric Dupin told AFP.

According to a report on Yahoo News, Dupin was ordered to pay 2,500 euros in damages and legal costs.