PeterboroughToday: ‘A tour of the new Media and Journalism Centre’

Peterborough Today’s feature, with photo gallery, on Peterborough Regional College’s new media and journalism centre:

“This is better than some of the studios at the BBC,” said actor Ralf Little, as he was shown around Peterborough Regional College’s new Media and Journalism Centre.

“I am very impressed.”

£750,000 has transformed an empty building ‘into a state-of-the-art facility helping to train budding media stars of the future,’ writes Julia Ogden.

Full story at this link…

1 thought on “PeterboroughToday: ‘A tour of the new Media and Journalism Centre’

  1. Julian Bray

    Shame they are closing down the local TV news operation and the local evening newspaper Peterbrough Evening Telegraph owned by Johnson Press is on its last legs. Typical headine
    “Garden Shed Burgled”

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