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Journalisted Weekly: 9/11 anniversary, Libya and 50p tax rate

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9/11 anniversary, Libya and 50p tax rate

for the week ending Sunday 11 September

  • Coverage of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks dominated this week’s news
  • The aftermath of the Libyan conflict and the debate over scrapping the 50p tax rate were covered lots
  • Over 200 deaths from a sunken ferry near Tanzania, the UK’s joint nuclear fission project and the resignation of the European Central Bank chief were covered little

Covered lots

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs. serious

Arab spring (countries & current leaders)

Who wrote a lot about… the investigation of the Raoul Moat killings

Long form journalism

Journalists who have updated their profile

  • Tim Rich is the Director of Rich Media and works freelance for The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent and the London Evening Standard. He studied a BSc in Politics at Bristol University. He can be contacted at tim.rich@richmedialtd.co.uk.
  • Sean O’Driscoll is the US finance correspondent at the Sunday Times and also writes for Lifestyle features at the Associated Press. He has an MA in Journalism at Dublin City University, and can be contacted at seanpodriscoll@yahoo.com.

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10,000 Words: news site screenshots from 9/11, ten years on

The 10,000 Words blog has created a slideshow of screenshots showing the homepages of 45 newspaper, broadcaster, blog and other online news outlet websites on Sunday, the ten year anniversary of 9/11, showing their coverage between 10am and 11am Pacific Standard Time.

There is also an original gallery of shots which were captured between 12.30am and 1.30am PST (8.30am to 9.30am GMT) here.

Read more on 10,000 Words.

BBC College of Journalism posts memories of 9/11 coverage

The BBC College of Journalism website is publishing a series of posts offering personal memories of coverage of the 9/11 attacks. The first, published this week, is by Stephen Evans, now Berlin correspondent for the BBC, who was in the World Trade Centre when the first plane hit.

I can remember looking out and seeing a line of neat fire trucks and thinking everything was OK because the authorities had arrived. I was on the air – I think to News 24 – when the North Tower collapsed, cutting the line off. I can remember ranting at this. The hotel alarm went off and we evacuated down a back stairs in an orderly fashion.

Evans was on the air when the South tower, the first of the two to collapse, began to fall: