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Journalist invites others to join in with ‘liquid newsroom’ idea

German journalist Steffen Konrath has called on fellow journalists to help him revolutionise the way journalists interact with news over the internet.

Konrath, a web applications director from Munich, is busy building what he calls a ‘liquid newsroom’, for which he aims to gather journalists from all over the world to simultaneously tackle items in the news.

Konrath said: “A Liquid Newsroom would challenge the restrictions of space and organizational form. Instead of a given organisational type, the news site will come into existence from the time someone decides to open a topic.”

I would like to start an experiment with my readers & Twitter followers to start an open innovation project on a global level to develop such a concept using social media tools and simply our connectedness.

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New US hyperlocal Twitter network using zip codes to aggregate news

A new Twitter network could be about to change the face of local news gathering.

Twitzip is designed to share ‘hyperlocal’ news based on users’ zip codes. American creators Nathan Heinrich and Aaron Donsbach created accounts for nearly all of the zip codes in the US back in 2008 with the idea of building a network that would harness the knowledge of local residents and allow them to share news by tweeting from an account for their area.

As we analyzed Twitter’s potential, we realized the one location-based handle that everyone knows is their zip or postal code. We thought it would be a waste if Twitter zip code handles or ‘TwitZips’ were owned by tens of thousands of different people with tens of thousands of different uses. Furthermore, we thought TwitZips might be valuable for networking local citizens together. This was the start of TwitZip.

According to a statement on the network’s website, the service is currently focused on hyperlocal news, blogs, and crime, but will soon integrate weather and government alerts.

If successful, TwitZip could prove a happy hunting ground for local journalists tracking breaking news.

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