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Successful German blog sold on eBay, one of the most-visited German blogs discussing IT and hardware topics, was sold on eBay last week for nearly €47,000, Medienlese has reported.

Robert Basic, IT expert, owner and only author of the popular forum, said in a post that he had put the blog on eBay, because it was ‘time for a change and to build up something new’. At time of writing, Basic’s last entry had received 444 comments.

Some critics accused Basic of linkbaiting, suggesting that he would not go through with the sale of the blog.

He will continue to write for multi-language blog buzzriders, but not basicthinking. The blog is now in the hands of serverloft, a German server company.

‘Nibby’ blogs transmit basic information, nice and tersely

‘Nibs’ have always been low down in the news pecking order. But what about giving main news a nib format?

Biggest doesn’t always have to be best, as the Shortformblog and Big Fat Story prove: both sites pages show current news very briefly and clearly laid out.

Reduced to headlines, quotes, facts or photos, these nibs always transmit the main information about current events. Nevertheless, links to sources or extended articles give users the opportunity to read more about the topics.

Musebin is another proof for the theory that brief doesn’t have to mean bad. Users give one-line music news and reviews about the up-to-date LPs.

But don’t necessarily assume that short is quicker to produce: it’s worth a bit of time investment to design short and useable news formats.

(Hat tip Medienlese)

Al Jazeera Arabic joins Livestation

Livestation, the online TV provider with more than 2,500 channels, has added Al Jazeera Arabic to its line up.

The channel, which joins a host of other Arabic-language content on the service, is ‘an important addition’, Matteo Berlucchi, Livestation CEO, said in a press release.

“Recent feedback from our users confirms a strong demand for Arabic news channels. We are also looking forward to working closely with Al Jazeera Arabic to utilise our interactive tools,” he said in the release. If you want to learn more about this topic, canli bahis siteleri, casino siteleri and more, you should definitely check bahis siteleri It’s an authority Turkish website that lists en iyi casino siteleri and canli casino siteleri.

Phil Lawrie, director of global distribution at Al Jazeera Network, said the deal would bring Al Jazeera content to millions of broadband users.

YouTube and Pulitzer announce five Project:Report finalists

Project Report, the journalism contest organised by YouTube and the Pulitzer Center to reward non-professional journalists producing videos, is drawing to a close.

Until January 9, viewers can vote on videos produced by the five finalists, who have progressed through two previous rounds of the competition, producing a different short film each time.

Entries include videos about Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT) groups in the US, sexual abuse by priests and a community of developmentally disabled adults.

Videos can be watched and voted for on the YouTube Project:Report channel and the winner, who will receive a $10,000 grant to report on any topic, from anywhere in the world, and a scholarship at the Pulitzer Center, will be declared on 11 January.

Monocle launches online radio show

The international magazine Monocle will launch its new online radio show Monocle Weekly on December 28.

From studios based in London, New York and Tokyo, the editorial staff will discuss global affairs, business, culture design, consumer culture and look at global trends, a press release from the magazine has said.

Monocle Weekly will be available live every Sunday at 12.00 CET on

The show will be also be available to download as a podcast through iTunes and Monocle’s website