Journalisted Weekly: Valentine’s Day, Whitney Houston and Rangers FC

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Valentine’s Day, Whitney Houston and Rangers FC

for the week ending Sunday 19 February

  • The newspapers loved Valentine’s Day this week
  • Whitney Houston, Rangers FC and Dereck Chisora were covered lots
  • Anglo-French entente, German Presidential resignation and Venezuelan opposition covered little

Covered Lots

  • It was Valentine’s Day, 313 articles
  • The singer Whitney Houston died aged 48, 254 articles
  • Rangers FC went into administration, facing a tax bill of £75 million, 183 articles
  • Boxer Dereck Chisora slapped opponent Vitali Klitschko ahead of their world title fight, and brawled with David Haye after it, 111 articles
  • David Cameron stated his commitment to political union between Scotland and England, after talks with Alex Salmond, 104 articles

Covered Little

  • Cameron and Sarkozy strike deal for joint military operations and could create up to 30,000 British jobs amid rising UK unemployment, 22 articles
  • German president Christian Wulff, an ally of Chancellor Merkel, resigned, 22 articles
  • Venezuelan opposition parties choose a single candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, to oppose President Hugh Chavez, 4 articles

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs Serious

  • The new series of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ hit TV screens, 179 articles, vs Rupert Murdoch flew into London to reassure staff at ‘The Sun’ and promise the launch of a Sunday edition, 89 articles
  • The X Factor, not on television at the moment, 111 articles vs David Cameron considers minimum alcohol pricing amid alcohol crackdown, 35 articles
  • Sean Penn supports Argentinian claims to the Falklands, 57 articles vs further riots in Greece amid austerity debates, 46 articles

Eurozone leaders (top ten by number of articles)

Who wrote a lot about… Iran

Long form journalism

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