top 10 stories on Twitter in 2011

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After putting together some lists of the top 10 Twitter news stories of 2011, the top 10 Facebook news stories of 2011 and’s top 10 stories on Facebook in 2011, we’ve compiled a list of the most tweeted news stories and blog posts of the year.

1. Journalists increasingly using social media as news source, finds study 1,250

2. BBC developing new iPhone app for field reporters 911

3. Ten ways journalists can use Google+ 881

4. Julian Assange wins Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism 720

5. Al Jazeera English hits US screens after New York cable deal 508

6. #ijf11: Lessons in data journalism from the New York Times 468

7. How the five journalists with the greatest online influence use social media 367

8. ‘Is there a better way of doing this?’: Johann Hari responds to plagiarism accusations 361

9. #su2011: New online open newsroom a hit for Swedish newspaper 356

10. News of the World to publish final edition this Sunday 318

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