The top 10 most-read stories on, 17-23 December

1. Ten things every journalist should know in 2012

2. ‘Privacy is for paedos’: The Leveson inquiry so far, in quotes

3. Tool of the week for journalists – Rippla, for tracking the social ‘ripples’ of news stories

4. Q&A Sky News: 2011, an extraordinary year for news

5. Piers Morgan’s phone ‘hacked by Mirror colleague’

6. Tabloid Girl author explains ‘heightened reality’ tales

7. Dangerous assignment deaths ‘highest on record’

8. App of the week for journalists – iRig Recorder, for recording, trimming and sharing audio

9. Leveson inquiry: Piers Morgan denies hacking allegations

10. NoW whistleblower’s brother: Hacking was ‘routine’ at the Sun

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