Guardian Developer Blog: Journalists compile a Christmas wish list for developers

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The Guardian Developer Blog has posted December’s “Carnival of journalism” round-up, after asking “what journalists and programmers might exchange as presents during the festive season”.

It’s well worth a read to find out the wish lists of some key people interested in the space where journalism and technology meet.

Journalism lecturer Paul Bradshaw’s “fantasy” Christmas list includes wishing for the ability to cross link in ways to make journalism more transparent.

One item on his list is the ability to:

Add contextual information on any individual mentioned in a story, for example a politician who receives payment from a particular industry.

Another is for journalists to be able to:

Give users critical information about the source of particular information – beyond “Pictures from YouTube”

This idea got the thumbs up from the post’s author Martin Belam:

Jonathan Frost at Wannabehacks also warmed my heart by concluding that “User experience should be the next big thing in journalism and development. Don’t leave the designer out in the snow.”

Belam’s article with links to all related posts is here: December’s “Carnival of journalism” round-up

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