News sites can now create a branded page on Foursquare

Newspapers, news sites, broadcasters and even journalists can now set up a branded page on Foursquare without having to go through Foursquare’s business development team.

Foursquare pages are now self-serve and any brand, organisation, or publication can create one.

Publishers can use a page to gain followers, share tips, check in, and reach fans. One advantage to a page is that it can now have a number of ‘managers’.

Foursquare’s blog lists the following features of benefit to brands:

  • Reach the whole Foursquare community with your tips and check-ins (and push those check-ins to both Facebook pages and Twitter).
  • Let entire teams of people manage the same page. With our new tool, you can make multiple people page ‘managers’, so that they can all contribute. It’s perfect for big organisations.
  • From the web or your mobile phone, you can upload photos to your tips and check-ins. It’s great for making them really shine for all of your followers.

There’s a gallery of Foursquare pages to help you get started.

To create a page click here and sign in with your company’s Twitter account.

If you create a branded page for your news site, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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