PressThink: Jay Rosen on the ‘100 per cent solution’ for news innovation

Jay Rosen on how to start innovating with news and news journalism by thinking big:

Here’s a little idea for creating innovation in news coverage: the 100 per cent solution. It works like this: first, you set a goal to cover 100 percent of… well, of something. In trying to reach the goal you immediately run into problems. To solve those problems you often have to improvise or innovate. And that’s the payoff, even if you don’t meet your goal.

Got it? Good. For that’s the whole idea.

In the rest of this post I will explain what I mean and why I think it can work. And I will give you some examples. Because the 100 per cent solution is not an entirely new idea. It has been tried. My aim is to get some of you to try it in some form.

Full post on PressThink at this link…

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