Lara Setrakian’s ‘accordion bureau’ of media tools

Media Gaggle has an interesting profile of ABC’s Middle East correspondent Lara Setrakian, who describes how social media and mobile tools make up her “accordion bureau”.

Setrakian’s description of using different media and channels to share news and reports is great:

I don’t have to sit around and wait for a story to rise to the occasion of one of our shows, to the bar of one of our shows, something still significant but less visual, or something still significant but shorter. We’ll put it on the radio or tweet it. These things are important. I’m at Fadlallah’s funeral, I’m somewhere, I’m in Hezbollah’s neighborhood, I’m in Iran, I can tweet these effects. It has created a spectrum of ways to do this job.

And she’s @laraABCNews on Twitter.

Full post on Media Gaggle at this link…

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