‘I’d like to be 20 and starting out again now’ claims Andrew Marr, but at what price?

Just a few years ago, I was shaking my head and saying I thought I’d had the best of times for journalism, and wouldn’t want my children to join the trade. No longer. I’d like to be 20 and starting out again right now.

So says Andrew Marr in a piece on his take-up of digital news, despite being one of the last “news romantics”.

I think it isn’t long before in news terms, there is hardly any distinction between broadcasting and newspapers. This singularity is almost here. On my iPad, I will follow a political crisis in real time, merging commentators and video clips, a little bit of Nick Robinson here and some Simon Jenkins there.

Of course, Marr’s comments about starting out again have sparked some jokes on Twitter:

I’d like to be 20 and starting out in journalism, says Andrew Marr. http://bit.ly/bwZYW9. Maybe the BBC could put him on £12k a year?less than a minute ago via Echofon

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