Ben Goldacre calls for new website for publishing unedited source material

Ben Goldacre suggests a new website could be set up as “a repository of ingredients” for news stories to improve the media’s transparency when it comes to primary sources and give readers “unmediated/unedited access to full comments from interested parties”.

Such a site would contain, says Goldacre:

  • A website that gives each news story a unique ID;
  • Any involved party can add/upload a full press release or quote to that story’s page;
  • Anyone can add a link to a primary source;
  • Anyone can vote these up or down like on digg/reddit;
  • You can register as a “trusted source” and not need to be modded up or down;
  • Anyone can add a link to media coverage of that story.

Full post on Ben Goldacre’s website…

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