NYT: Inc. magazine experiments with virtual office

Many journalists must have wondered whether, in this desktop-driven publishing age, they could do their job just as easily from home. The staff of Inc. magazine have put that curiosity behind them this month after editor Jane Berentson gave the go-ahead to produce the an entire edition outside of the office.

The idea began as more of a joke than a serious suggestion, made by senior writer Max Chafkin in conjunction with an article he was researching on virtual offices. The edition hits the stands on April 6.

The production went off without a major hitch, with the staff members using nothing more than readily available technology, including Skype and instant messaging. And Ms. Berentson described Mr. Chafkin’s cover piece, “The Office Is Dead. Long Live the Office,” which is infused with first-person details, as richer and more unusual than it would have been without the experiment.

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