BBC Editors Blog: BBC links up with Global Voices blog network

As part of the BBC’s special series on the internet, the SuperPower season, the corporation’s website is teaming up with non-profit, blog network Global Voices “to present a different range of perspectives and commentary from around the world”.

The site will select and link to relevant posts from the network and asking Global Voices editors for their input on how mainstream media handles news.

Writes Steve Herrmann:

We are no strangers to involving a range of voices in our newsgathering process – and we have long incorporated into our journalism the knowledge, eyewitness reporting and opinion of our audiences in the UK and internationally.

But we think Global Voices, which specialises in giving individuals the tools and support to comment and report on the issues that matter to them, could add an interesting extra dimension to some of our news coverage.

Full post at this link…

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