Twitter’s Local Trends

Last week Twitter announced it was rolling out its new feature, Local Trends: a means of tracking topics trending in your local ‘state or city’.

The big events that come up around the world will always become a global conversation, but what about the big events that only happen in your world that only matter to those around you? Or the slight differences in the way Californians perceive an event, like Obama’s election victory, versus those São Paulo, Brazil?

Local Trends will allow you to learn more about the nuances in our world and discover even more relevant topics that might matter to you. We’ll be improving this feature over time to provide more locations, languages, and data through our API.

Locations added so far:

Countries: Brazil; Canada; Ireland; Mexico; United Kingdom; United States

Cities: Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Dallas-Ft. Worth; Houston; London; Los Angeles; New York City; Philadelphia; San Antonio; San Francisco; Seattle; São Paulo; Washington, D.C.

As yet, non-London residents only see nationally trending topics in the UK, but Twitter says it is working to add more locations.

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