London Weekly launches online

Here’s a quick heads up that the capital’s latest freesheet has launched online and on Twitter (@thelondonweekly).

Obviously it will be trying to succeed where its predecessors failed – and it looks like the London Weekly is not scared to experiment with new techniques. Adverstiment? Sounds intriguing.

9 thoughts on “London Weekly launches online

  1. Tom

    Wouldn’t be so quick to condemn – any attention’s good attention for adverts, perhaps it’s deliberate. One of our advertisers wanted their advert to be printed upside down, they reckoned the attention the ‘mistake’ would be a good thing.

    Or maybe it’s just a cockup, who knows.

  2. Paul

    I’m not sure this isn’t a wind-up. I can’t find any reference to any of the staff listed, and there’s virtually no information available on the publishers, and all of the news coverage so far has obviously been written from press releases. It doesn’t add up.

  3. EJC

    “all of the news coverage so far has obviously been written from press releases.”

    I’m sorry, you think this makes a newspaper look LESS realistic…?

  4. Judith Townend Post author

    Admittedly, a few odd things, aside from typos:

    *No listing for Global Publishing Group on Companies House (although there’s a listing for The London Weekly Ltd, incorporated 17/12/2009)
    *A rather lengthy editorial staff list (anyone know any of them?):

    But, on the other hand, for it to be a wind-up: for starters, why?
    Secondly, I’ve just spoken to (apparently!) Roisin Robertson, who is listed as the managing editor on On the Green Party website, she says she is former chief reporter of the Chislehurst Times. She didn’t want to talk about the launch right now, but said she would be in touch in due course.

    My phone enquiry to the general number has not yet been returned and I received this email response from the general email address:

    Thanks for writing to us.You will be contacted by a member of the London Weekly team shortly.

    Please, also read the following contacts below ;

    For Advertising:

    Send your press releases as (word) and supported j.peg in first instance to be reviewed by the editorial team by e-mailing:

    For new partnerships:

    Please, note that for all other vacancies except Advertising sales staff. We have filled all editorial positions and have no editorial positions at present.

    Many Thanks,

  5. Bob Anan

    Yawn. Another anodyne rag, with the usual mix of gossip (‘Sienna Miller invites Jude round for Christmas’), wire copy/press release ‘hard news’ (‘Eurostar ruins Christmas for hundreds’), and poorly subbed health miracle stories (‘Are Pomegranate [sic] the latest weapon [sic] in the fight against MRSA?’).
    It’s totally freesheet-by-numbers. It would be great if someone tried to do something completely different. I like that when you visit any big city in North America there’s an alternative newspaper, free, weekly, skewed towards the young. Of course many of them are hurting as much as the rest of the industry but at least they take risks, challenge the conventional wisdom, occasionally do an investigation – stuff that newspapers were meant to do in the first place.

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