New Statesman: Seymour Hersh on scoops and sources

World-renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has been interviewed by the News Statesman. A few highlights:

Do you ever worry that your phone is bugged?

Some people I only talk to in their home or their office, but I arrange the calls here. To bug me legally they’d have to get a warrant; once you have something illegally you can’t use it very much. If the 9/11 attacks taught us one thing, it’s that the agencies collect lots of wonderful stuff they don’t share with anybody.

You rely a lot on unnamed sources. Is that a dangerous technique, or an invaluable one?

Look at the serious press in the UK, France, America: every single day there are unnamed sources. But I believe people in my profession should be held to an extremely high standard. I welcome the fact that people can sue me.

Full story at this link…

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