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Job cuts at the London Evening Standard?

November 26th, 2009Posted by in Job losses, Jobs

This from Evening Standard city reporter Lucy Tobin on Twitter…


Update: the company’s spokesperson confirmed the changes and threatened jobs.

The Guardian has reported that up to 20 editorial and production jobs are at risk; when asked the Standard to confirm the report, a spokesperson said a firm number could not be announced ‘at this stage’ and a consultation period is underway.

All 600,000 copies copies of the Standard – which became a free newspaper in October 2009 – will be printed later in the day ( the West End Final edition) from January.

“Printing will begin in the afternoon, with the latest developing stories being updated on the presses as they run until early evening,” a release said.

“The response to our recent decision to make the Evening Standard a free quality newspaper has been overwhelming,” said editor Geordie Greig. “This decision will mean our news is even more up to date, and more copies will be available for home-going commuters.”

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