Guardian Politics: Second BNP membership leak expected

According to the Guardian, a new leaked list of British National Party members will be published by a website today.

The unnamed site insists the list, which includes names, addresses, postcodes and telephone numbers, is genuine and represents membership of the party as it stood in April this year.

The data leak would be the second in a year for the party after details of members were released online last November, raising debate about news organisations handling of the data and whether such documents should be linked to.

The party has suggested that the release of new information could be an attempt to undermine the appearance of its leader Nick Griffin on the BBC’s Question Time programme this week. Download PERISCOPE PORN free now

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1 thought on “Guardian Politics: Second BNP membership leak expected

  1. Paula

    There are plenty of political groups who will do all they can to sabotage the BNP. I didn’t vote BNP but a debate on why people do would be interesting. Personally I feel that it’s a simple matter of people feeling demoralised with present government. Griffin says things that a lot of people are thinking – he resonates with the disgruntled. The disgruntled have a lot to be disgruntled about and they feel powerless to fight it. Hence BNP membership and what most see as the only option to have some of their grievances aired.

    Labour put the BNP where it is today. If labour hadn’t given in to their control freak urges and invited to this country more people than we can afford to keep then the BNP would have remained a little group on the edges of politics. Well done labour – you gave people no choice but to turn to anarchy.

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