#FollowJourn: @ruthofford/music journalist

#FollowJourn: Ruth Offord

Who? Freelance music journalist.

What? Writes for This Is Fake DIY, Rock Sound, The Fly, Clash Magazine.

Where? On Twitter and writes her blog.

Contact? Through This Is Fake DIY or via Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “#FollowJourn: @ruthofford/music journalist

  1. Matt W


    I’m 23 and have been looking to get into music journalism for a while now. I have started by writing a few small biographies for bands but that is basically it so far, I was wondering where I would need to apply and who to to potentially get on the next wrung of the ladder.

    Your help would be appreciated,



  2. Sarah Booker

    Hi Matt,

    One of the best ways to get advice from other journalists is through our forum.

    People I know who have worked in music journalism have started out by sending in gig reviews to contacts within the music press and building up from there.

    However, those were the days when there were more music weeklys etc.

    Do you have a blog? Writing about a niche and building up a following through a blog and social media presence would be a great way forward.

  3. Matt W

    Hi, thanks for your response.

    I don’t have a blog but I should probably create one if that is the more likely path to becoming a music journalist.

    I appreciate the swift response, I will have to start penning my thoughts down more frequently!

    Cheers again,


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