Medill running course for ‘enterprising’ working journalists

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism has a history of running innovative journalism training courses.

The school previously launched a masters programme for programmers looking to pick up journalism skills – producing some great graduates.

Now the institution has created a masters in journalism-programming for working journalists with at least seven years experience:

“The Medill School of Journalism seeks experienced media professionals who want to create or run a media enterprise; learn more about marketing, corporate communications or public relations; build their own personal brand as entrepreneurs; or continue working as journalists or media professionals but with expanded skills and a comprehensive view of the field,” reads the course description on the JournalismNext website.

It’s a nine-month full-time course, so those journalists would have to take time out from work – but the skills on offer could be a powerful combination for professionals with such a bank of experience already.

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