Future of Journalism: live video from Cardiff

If like us you haven’t been able to make it to Cardiff for the two-day Future of Journalism conference, you can watch it live-streamed by following the instructions at this link.

It’s the second biennial conference hosted by the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and held by the journals Journalism Studies and Journalism Practice. Its introduction notes:

“In these fast-moving times, journalism faces huge challenges and opportunities, although these are shaped, given additional impetus and direction, or slowed down by the distinctive journalism cultures and markets which prevail in different regions of the world.”

As one of its participants, Professor Alfred Hermida (the second of his sessions is ‘Twittering the news: the emergence of ambient journalism’) noted on his blog, there is also:

Conference timetable available at this link [PDF].

2 thoughts on “Future of Journalism: live video from Cardiff

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  2. Gavin Boyd

    Although I stay and work in Cardiff I was not able to make the event. Journalism is not my profession but more of a hobby when I have the time. I watched the conference and think it was really good. Great idea’s all round.
    Gav @ the Cardiff Hotel in Wales.

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