Business Insider lets readers ’embed’ posts

US business news website the Business Insider is actively encouraging readers to reuse its content by creating an ‘Embed This Post’ tool.

It’ll be added to the usual range of ‘share’ icons at the bottom of each post on the site and will essentially offer the html code for a widget of that post for embedding.

The embeds won’t include images or videos yet, writes Henry Blodget, and appear under Business Insider branding.

The feature could eventually be sponsored, adds Blodget in a comment on the announcement: “[B]ut the sponsor message would have to be subtle or folks wouldn’t like it.”

While Business Insider’s posts will already get reblogged/commented on/torn to pieces – offering full text of posts to embed could be a way to build the brand/strengthen links with other bloggers. Either way its a move away from simple traffic chasing and towards a more open distribution model.

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