MediaWeek: John Menzies shutters digital magazines arm

John Menzies has closed its digital magazines arm – MagazinesOnDemand.

“Digital magazines have not proved as popular as we had hoped and in this difficult economic climate it was not possible for us to continue trading,” a statement on a holding page on the company’s website reads.

In an interview with in April, MOD’s managing director Sarah Clegg conceded that the outfit had not yet made a profit, but remained optimistic about the future of e-editions.

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1 thought on “MediaWeek: John Menzies shutters digital magazines arm

  1. Digital Magazines

    It’s a shame that John Menzies closed down their digital magazines setup when they did as Digital magazines are now becoming a serious business with companies like Zinio leading the way.

    I think if they’d launched a year or two later they’d have been able to corner the UK market with this

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