FT.com: Threat to democracy by papers’ travails exaggerated

In case you missed it, during yesterday’s UK bank holiday, an editorial piece on FT.com made for an interesting read. For example:

“The degree to which the travails of papers are a threat to an informed democracy can be exaggerated, particularly by journalists. The internet has made print less profitable but has also made new forms of information-gathering and commentary possible. Bloggers get a bad press but low-cost publishing helps new sources to emerge.”


“Nor are all papers equally threatened. Business papers, including the FT, have had more success in charging online readers than general-interest publications. Many publishers regret their rush to give everything away on the web but the over-supply of general news makes it hard to backtrack.”

It concludes: “Perhaps some of the reporting done up to now by for-profit papers will in future be funded by foundations or trusts. But the industry should not lose faith in the free market. When people really want or need something, they will pay for it, one way or another. If today’s publishers cannot convince their readers to do so, they will be overtaken by others that can.”

Full story at this link…

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