Does local news fail on social news sites?

“Local news is a lost cause on the major social news sites,” claims the Windy Citizen – a Chicago news aggregator – after one of its linked news stories failed to make waves on Digg, delicious and reddit, despite gaining votes from readers.

What news makes it onto these sites’ front pages? National stories, weird stuff and photos, concludes the Citizen.

“And that’s why the Windy Citizen exists, because there’s a need for a service that democratizes Chicago media in the same way that those sites have democratized tech and political new,” says the post.

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2 thoughts on “ Does local news fail on social news sites?

  1. Brad Flora

    Thanks for the shout out. The good people of Chicago are building a new destination for the best local links in Chicago over at We’re growing at a nice clip and scooping the local press on several Chicago stories each week. After a year of operation we’ve hired a rep to begin selling sponsorships on the site to local businesses. Wonderful things are afoot in Chicago.

  2. Ross

    I know exactly where you’re coming from. It’s just as inconvenient for UK people, especially when the likes of Digg are mostly full of US politics and iphone articles.

    That’s why I created a UK specific version of Digg, broken down into different regions.

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