Channel 4 (part 2): Duncan says channel is still key source of cutting-edge content

Channel 4 CEO Andy Duncan also said at yesterday’s Communications Committee in the House of Lords that:

  • Channel 4 is fulfilling its role as a Public Service Broadcaster (PSB) by functioning as a gateway to new talent, innovative programming and contemporary content.
  • Commercial television was simply unable to invest in or provide the content Channel 4 is recognised for.
  • However, when challenged about the function of programming such as Endemol’s ‘Big Brother’, Duncan was forced to concede that it served more as a source of income than it did as the ground breaking concept it was billed as 10 years ago.
  • Digital channels such as E4 and 4Music were hailed as some of Channel 4’s more recent successes. Despite this, it remained unclear as to how these services were able to fit within the remit of Public Service Broadcasting. Current PSB legislation was ‘archaic’ in this respect, Duncan said. In addition, he said, online services such as Channel 4 Learning showed their requirements as a PSB had evolved successfully beyond the original vision of the law makers.

1 thought on “Channel 4 (part 2): Duncan says channel is still key source of cutting-edge content

  1. Ayesha Sabavala

    Is there public service broadcasting beyond the BBC?
    It seems that the merger between the World Service and Channel 4 will only serve to reduce plurality and create a BBC clone, especially in terms of news and current affairs. Furthermore, with BBC also sharing output with ITV, this is bound to surpress diversity – different angles, different voices, different opinions.
    For more on public service broadcasting and its struggle in the digital age, please visit

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