Behind the scenes:’s redesign was given a sneak preview today of’s redesign plans. It’s a work in progress, but the revamped news, sport, and travel sections, as well as a new homepage, are set for launch in the next week.

Below are some preview images of the new site:


Note the new horizontal navigation bar, the addition of a lifestyle tab and the replacement of a Telegraph TV box with embedded video players across the site.

More prominence has been given to comment content. In addition the bottom half and footer of the page will not be used as ‘a dumping ground’, but instead will be a flexible space featuring varied multimedia material. Eventually this space could carry personalised content based on the individual user.

Screenshot of redesigned homepage

Article page

The design team behind the new site told me they wanted greater consistency between articles and sections to improve navigation across the site.

Individual RSS feeds have also been added for sections and specific topics e.g. at the bottom of this article there’s a feed specifically for Champions League football. erotic massage albany ny

A list of links to articles and other content of relevance has been added on the right hand side of the page – part of a design aimed at seeing every article page as a potential homepage from a user’s point of view, Ed Roussel, digital editor of, said

Screenshot of new look article page

First impressions?

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