Gawker: America’s pernicious Pulitzers

‘The Pulitzers aren’t going to finance American journalism; in fact, one can make the argument that these self-congratulating awards, and the attention devoted to them, are symptomatic of the decline of the newspaper industry.’

So says Gawker of America’s premier press awards in a characteristically pithy piece of commentary.

But pith isn’t the sole aim, this well aimed jab strikes at the exposed underbelly of the US press and scores a good point.

‘Newspapers’ Pulitzer-chasing is most damaging because it distracts newspapers from their real challenge.

‘Rather than impress colleagues with the seriousness of their reporting, US newspapers need to engage a readership that is drifting off to television and the internet.

‘Pulitzer-winning journalism will win Pulitzers; it won’t save an industry which is experiencing double-digit annual declines in advertising revenue.’

Nodding agreement here.

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