“I don’t evolve, I revolve…”

The BBC’s internet blog yesterday republished an article from its in house magazine Ariel: Revolution Not Evolution: The Birth of bbc.co.uk.

The title instantly reminded me of this scene from the BBC’s own comedy show I’m Alan Partridge, where Alan meets the BBC’s chief commission – it’s about two minutes in (watch out for the language). Adult Search – adult work jobs – erojobs.biz.


2 thoughts on ““I don’t evolve, I revolve…”

  1. Avon Edward Foote

    Since 2005 when Dr. Telly Blythe, The Science Museum, London, wrote asking for my documentation on the BBC Networking Club for Museum Computer Collections, I have been attempting to get the name of the engineer who
    registered the http://www.bbc.co.uk domain. With the BBC Internet Blog republication, I now know that he is Brandon Butterworth, principal technologist at Kingswood Warren. How do I get a paper copy of the original publication in Ariel. Does one have to be on BBC staff to be a subscriber?

  2. Laura Oliver

    Hi Avon,

    You’re right – Ariel is an in-house publication as far as I’m aware.

    But you could try contacting them directly for a copy of the piece. The editor is Andrew Harvey and can be written to at the following address: You can write to the editor Andrew Harvey at:

    MC2 A1 Media Centre,
    Media Village,
    201 Wood Lane,
    London, W12 7TQ.

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