Speaking Freely

“According to 2 speakers at this morning’s session of which speaker just stopped in to Brighton. Brahm’s(?) Awareness is no longer important and a vast amount of money and magazine advertising. How will they translate it online. Will it be translated to Widget. The messages of previously in there.”

spoken through SpinVox

2 thoughts on “Speaking Freely

  1. Oliver Luft

    Well precisely. The headline is inconsequential and the body text doesn’t really make sense. This garbled effort is an attempt to use Spinvox technology to convert a voicemail message into a blog post.

    (look for earlier posts with the same title for the first attempt)

    Between our inability to talk to voicemail and the difficulties the technology seems to have recognising our separate brogues Laura and I have ended up with a whole lot of nothing.

    We can’t do anything about the headline, it’s locked. But we can try and improve out next efforts with the voice messages.

    Laura will be posting further messages to blog this way over the course of the day (she is covering the Widgety Goodness conference, thankfully not using this technology alone.) and will post tomorrow on how best to use this technology and the relative merits of it as a blogging device.

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