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Food journalists launch Zester Daily to combat loss of Gourmet

In a pre-emptive attempt to fill the gap that will be left when Conde Nast closes luxury food publication Gourmet, a collection of (predominantly North American) food and drink journalists have launched a new site.

Zester Daily will cover ‘all aspects of what we eat and drink’, according to a press release.

The site has been set-up by former LA Times writer Corie Brown and plans to create a network of professional contributors.

Most interestingly, the site says: “Zester Daily uses an innovative financial model, in which every writer is invested in its success.” The release suggests that, while the site will be primarily advertising-funded, writers will take part in some form of revenue-share. “[M]embers are rewarded based on their reputations and their ability to find an audience for their work,” says the release.