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Wired Journalists: The #followwomenjournas movement

In response to a blog post by Kevin Sablan that suggested male journalists were three times more followed than their female counterparts (in the sample of 37 news organisations he looked at), a hashtag movement built up: ‘#followwomenjournas’, with suggestions for the best female journalists to follow.

Wired Journalist’s Ryan Sholin has gathered some in this post, and suggests that users of the link journalism application Publish2 use the ‘followwomenjournas’ tag when they save a related link, tweet, or video, to show up in the post’s stream.

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Journalism Daily: Guardian Q&A, Wired Journalists’ new look, Google News re-indexing

August 19th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted by in Journalism Daily

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Update on Wired Journalists’ new look; Publish2 claims it now has 20 per cent of all journalists in the US

As reported on the main site, the social network Wired Journalists is now looking rather different; it has been incorporated into Publish2, the social journalism venture based on a belief in the link economy. Since no terms of the deal were disclosed in the announcement, was keen to know more. Publish2 CEO Scott Karp didn’t reveal the details of the agreement but added this statement:

“Creating a social network for our journalist community within P2 was always on our roadmap, and WiredJournalists presented an opportunity to buy instead of build. It was a great fit. WiredJournalists grew from nothing to more than 3,000 journalists in 18 months.

“The frontline web producers, reporters, and editors using Wired Journalists are exactly the journalists we’re bringing together at Publish2 to collaborate and share links with each other and their readers.

“With this deal, Publish2 now has the equivalent of 20 per cent of all journalists in the U.S, since launching less than a year ago.”

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Similar posts: Wired Journalists creator on how to get to grips with Ning

January 2nd, 2009 | No Comments | Posted by in Editors' pick

A podcast in which the creator of the Wired Journalists network, Ryan Sholin, talks about getting to grips with Ning, the social network site.

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