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Peter Preston: Advertisers needs transparency in metrics to move online

“[P]art of the answer to not enough advertising revenue lies in serving the advertiser better,” writes Preston, referencing last week’s results of an inquiry into reporting of newspaper bulks as a step towards greater transparency of circulation figures.

But there isn’t an international standard for web traffic measurement to news sites and the difference between current methodologies (e.g. those of Nielsen in the US and the Audit Bureau of Circulations in the UK) could leave advertisers feeling lost, he says.

“It ought to be simple. The information is there online. But if you can’t extricate it, how do you expect more than a few categories of internet advertising to break through to good prices in great quantity?”

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SoE08: Mail Online’s Martin Clarke on newspaper web metrics

Following his comments to the Society of Editors (SoE) conference on the meaningless of monthly unique users stats for newspaper website advertisers, Martin Clarke, editorial director of Mail Online, spoke with Journalism.co.uk about what improvements are needed for web metrics:


Media Guardian: 15m UK users visted newspaper, claims ComScore

Nearly 15 million people – 44 per cent of UK internet users – visited newspaper sites during March, according to ComScore web metrics.

The Guardian says that ComScore figures suggest that Sun Online was the most visited UK newspaper site by residents of this country, recording 4.3 million unique users, with Guardian.co.uk second with at 3.6 million.

Telegraph.co.uk had 2.8 million users and Times Online 2.6 million.