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Adam Westbrook: What can journalists learn from a videoblogging single mum?

Well, quite a lot actually, according to Adam Westbrook.

Since starting her videoblog on make-up in 2007, Lauren Luke, a 27-year-old single mother from South Shields, has launched her own beauty range, published a book and feature in print, magazine and TV reports.

There’s a lesson here for entrepreneurial journalists, says Westbrook:

“For journalism this produces a host of opportunities. You might not sell your content, but can you sell the platform? Release iPhone apps? Run courses? Sell guides? Don’t just think of making money from your words (because you won’t!).”

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Mashable: A complete guide to videoblogging

From the rise of videoblogging and what it can bring to your website to making a video and distributing it online, Leah Betancourt, digital community manager at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, US, provides a fantastically thorough guide.

Full guide at this link…

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