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#VOJ10: Follow the Value of Journalism conference

The BBC College of Journalism and media thinktank Polis are hosting a one-day conference today to discuss the value of networked journalism, free newspapers, political and government reporting and ‘grassroots’ journalism. Keynote speakers include Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow and BBC Global News director Peter Horrocks, interviewed by Journalism.co.uk at this link.

Journalism.co.uk is hosting the session on ‘grassroots journalism’ and we will be discussing what new ‘hyperlocal’ start-ups are up to, how sustainable these ventures and opportunities this trend could in turn create for ‘big’ media groups in the local space. In keeping with the title of the conference we’re hoping to move the discussion away from what is hyperlocal or definitions of ‘citizen journalism’ and talk about the value of ‘grassroots journalism’ to the public and the media in the UK as a whole.

For our updates you can follow @journalism_live on Twitter – there’s also a hashtag of #VOJ10 and tweets from the conference in the liveblog below:

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#VOJ10: Polis director to publish report on value of ‘networked journalism’

As part of Friday’s Value of Journalism conference to be held in London by the BBC College of Journalism and media thinktank Polis, former broadcast journalist and now Polis director Charlie Beckett will release a new report looking at ‘networked journalism’.

In the report Beckett describes ‘networked journalism’ as a “synthesis of traditional news journalism and the emerging forms of participatory media enabled by web 2.0 technologies such as mobile phones, email, websites, blogs, microblogging and social networks”. It looks at:

The current running order for the event is available at this link. Tickets can be reserved online for the conference, which will be held at the London School of Economics. Journalism.co.uk will be reporting on the day’s events – to follow on Twitter follow @journalism_live and the hashtag #VOJ10.