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A wee exit roll call for Scottish journalists

Scottish media news site allmediascotland.com is attempting to catalogue all professionals who have lost their jobs from Scottish newspapers as a result of the economic downturn, and is urging readers to collaborate with their project – so we’d thought we’d give it a shout out.

Whether you are staff journalists who has left your job or been made redundant from a Scottish newspaper; or a freelancer whose income has been affected by budget cuts, contact allmediascotland.com on info [at] allmediascotland.com by December 31 to let them know what position you used to occupy and what you are doing now.

The Media Business: Is the journalism employment ‘crisis’ overblown?

“Most journalists in newspapers do everything BUT covering significant news. They spend their time doing celebrity, food, automobile, and entertainment stories. Look around any newsroom, or just the lists of assignments or beats, and you soon come to realize that 20 per cent or fewer of the journalists in newsrooms actually produce the kind of news that most people are concerned about losing,” writes Robert G. Picard.

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