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Cyberjournalist.net: The Nation’s new website with emphasis on community

CyberJournalist has an overview post of the New York based Nation magazine’s new site, built on Drupal with the aim of prioritising community:

The Nation magazine launched a much-improved new website that is built on an open-source platform and features a more flexible and community-oriented design. The redesign features innovations like search-engine friendly “topic” pages, story-level twitter feeds and instantly-customizable homepage and section front designs.

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CPJ: Three journalists killed in Nigeria

Three Nigerian journalists were killed last weekend, in two separate incidents, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Muslim rioters killed two reporters working with a local Christian newspaper on Saturday, according to local journalists and news reports. Also on Saturday, court reporter Edo Sule Ugbagwu, at left, from the private daily The Nation was shot dead at his home by two gunmen, according to local journalists.

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