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Denverpost.com: ‘Individuated News’ system to be tested at LA Daily News

MediaNews Group is to test its Individuated News or I-News system at the Los Angeles Daily News this summer.

The system will allow users to tailor news content to their tastes and feed articles into a printer-ready/mobile edition for customers.

Full story at this link…

Ronkayela.com: This is not the end of your daily newspaper…

Following the news that the Tribune Co. has filed for bankruptcy, ‘journalist turned activist’ and former editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, Ron Kaye, writes on his blog that this is not the end of your daily newspaper.

“It’s just the beginning of the end for hundreds of newspapers and the collapsing of many others into single regional franchises that can survive as the only source of printed news and advertising on a daily basis.”

Kaye, who was fired by the Daily News seven months ago, says ‘Let the conversation begin.’