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George Ayittey: ‘Freedom of expression was not invented by the West’

On a recent BBC World Service programme ‘The Forum’, Ghanaian-American economist George Ayittey shared his 60 second idea to change the world – part of the show at this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0048s8s (September 20, 2009). He is @ayittey on Twitter.

“[T]he UN should expel those countries that do not respect freedom of expression, which is Article 19 of the UN Human Rights charter.”

The Committee to Protect Bloggers have supplied this full transcript:

“I would like everyone to write the following on postcards and send to governments around the world.

“Freedom of expression and of thought was not invented by the West.  It has existed in traditional societies – even primitive ones – for centuries. Human progress would not have been possible without it.

“I’m saying this as a black African from Ghana because today around the world, we have ‘educated’ barbarians who want to suppress this freedom by arresting and jailing dissidents, writers, journalists and those they disagree with. In fact, the UN should expel those countries that do not respect freedom of expression, which is Article 19 of the UN Human Rights charter.

“When everyone has written this thought on postcards and sent them, they should also put them on POSTERS and hang them up in market places, in windows, on the sides of buildings everywhere. So that around the world will be the unmistakable visual reminder of the freedom everywhere.”

Tomorrow: 12th Journalism Leaders’ Forum in Preston

Tomorrow, May 12, sees three events – the Digital Editors Network meeting, an exhibition on journalism and the 12th Journalism Leaders’ Forum – take place during the Journalism Leaders Programme’s Spring meeting.

Mike Ward, head of the School of Journalism, Media and Communication at University of Central Lancashire, will chair the evening panel debate at the Journalism Leaders’ Forum, which takes place tomorrow between 18.00 and 19:15 in the Greenbank Lecture Theatre, University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

Panellists including Richard Frediani, head of news at ITV Granada and Joanna Geary, web development editor at The Times, will discuss the future and changing shape of journalism.

For more information on the forum email Debbie Williams or call 01772 894759.

Follow news and updates from the events on @journalism_live and on our main news channel.