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Jimmy Carr mocks VJ’s camera: ‘That’s from home!’

A great video from the East Anglian Daily Times at this link. Its video journalist’s equipment just wasn’t big enough for Jimmy Carr’s approval last week. Photographers tried to grab shots of the comedian outside the court hearing in Suffolk on May 13 that saw Jimmy Carr’s speeding trial adjourned.

Carr told the VJ: “It’s not a proper camera. You’re not a proper journalist: look at that! That’s from home.”


Jimmy Carr:

“Do you want to grab a shot and then leave it?”

Photographer, off-camera:

“Can I get you both together?”

Carr, walking off:

“No, you definitely can’t now!”

Lawyer, to camera:

“No, we can’t make any comment at all at the moment. The case has been adjourned so it would be inappropriate to make any comment, ok.”


Carr, walking past cameras:

“(…)Thanks for coming, I feel very important. Very nice of you.

“If you’ve got shots… ‘cos I’m going to drive away – I don’t want people taking shots when I’m driving. It’s very dangerous.

“It’s not a proper camera. You’re not a proper journalist: look at that! That’s from home.”

Muffled muttering off-camera, not clear who says it:

“… Mickey Mouse camera”

Full story at this link…

(via the Guardian’s Media Monkey)

HTFP: Archant Suffolk journalists to pool content, write for online ‘editions’

Journalists at Archant Suffolk titles the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Evening Star are to produce content for both papers’ print and online platforms.

The titles’ websites will also have three ‘editions’ a day, with content published online to coincide with peaks in audience traffic at breakfast, noon and ‘drive-time’.

Multimedia local coverage for Ipswich murder trial

Reporters at Suffolk papers the East Anglian Daily Times and Evening Star in Ipswich have joined forces to provide rolling coverage of the murder trial of Steve Wright, the former Ipswich publican accused of murdering five prostitutes in the town between October and December 2006.

Video reports from the trial, which began yesterday, will be available online, in addition to live text updates under a special section on each site. The sites also feature an interactive timeline and Google Earth map of key sites relating to the trial, as well as background information on key individuals in the case.

Speaking to HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk, web editor James Goffin said four reporters were covering the trial – two in court, and two manning a video relay. He added that the court reporters were equipped with a laptop with a mobile connection allowing them to send copy straight from the court to the website.

In the article, Goffin estimated that page impressions on the sites would double during the trial.