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Journalism Daily: FT.com’s innovations, plinth reporter plans a party and the need for media blackouts

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Telegraph journalist gets mauled in lion’s enclosure (video)

We’ve just watched a Telegraph TV video: journalist Charles Starmer Smith getting mauled by a lion in Limpopo Province, South Africa – after entering its enclosure.

Perhaps his comment that ‘the lion just obeys what he [Arrie, the handler] does and plays (…) but stops up to a point’ was a little premature. He doesn’t look so relaxed when the animal’s teeth are firmly stuck into his leg.

Nonetheless, he is smiling when he steps out of the enclosure: he can’t wait to get home and ‘show off’ his scars he says. Then he goes off to get some stitches.

Starmer Smith’s account here.

Video at this link.

(Hat-tip: Fred Hatman)

Audio: Telegraph journalist Colin Freeman on his release from captivity in Somalia

In this Telegraph.co.uk audio interview, Colin Freeman describes how he and his fellow detainee, Spanish photographer Jose Cendon, slept in a cave and ate boiled goat during 40 days of captivity in Somalia.

“The kidnappers didn’t really treat us too badly,” says Freeman.

“We’re were also told on one occasion, the gang that were holding us had had an argument, they were threatening to hold us for another year. We don’t think they’d have really done that, but in that situation your mind dwells on the worst possibilities.”

Following his release on Saturday, Freeman said he would enjoy spending time with his family – and a strong pint of lager.