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Tabloid Watch: Mail’s correction after misquoting NHS chief

Tabloid Watch has brought to our attention an apology, “buried in the US section” of Mail Online. The site links to two other apologies, also posted in that section.

Statements contained in an article published on 7 March, headed “Babies who are born at 23 weeks should be left to die, says NHS chief”, were wrongly attributed to Dr Daphne Austin, who is a medical consultant specialist employed by the NHS.

They were made in a programme in which Dr Austin participated and were published by us in good faith.┬áIn particular, Dr Austin did not state that babies should be “left to die” and did not express the opinion that the financial aspects of neonatal care were the issue. We apologise to Dr Austin for the errors.

The post by Tabloid Watch is at this link

The Mail’s apology is at this link