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‘They provide the key for the map’: In defence of editors everywhere

First, we heard about the death of the sub-editor. The sub-editor, they said, is expendable. Next, from Johnston Press, came the death of the editor. Don’t bother reading what you publish, JP told editors.

Apparently, editing has fallen so far out of favour that a piece on the Atlantic’s website by Alexis Madrigal is entitled “Why editing could make a comeback.”

But the piece, along with a recent essay by Paul Ford which it cites, speaks out for the value of editors everywhere, “those whose names do not appear underneath the headline”.

Here’s my analogy. We take good roads for granted in the US; our highway system just works, so you start to think of it almost as geology, almost immutable and close to eternal. But if you take a drive on the backroads of the Yucatan, the forest encroaches, large potholes appear out of nowhere, and the signage is indecipherable, regardless of your level of Spanish.

The Internet can feel like a jungle, and journalists are in the business of providing paths through the territory. Writers might blaze the trails, but editors maintain the roads. The vines are creeping and the potholes are growing. And maybe letting the road deteriorate is really the only way to make audiences and media companies realize the value of those whose names do not appear underneath the headline.

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Guardian readers’ editor told that sub-editors are journalists

Not only does the Guardian’s media blogger Roy Greenslade have it in for the subs, but its readers’ editor, Siobhain Butterworth, inadvertently cut them out the profession in her column on Monday.

A correction from today’s Guardian:

“‘While journalists and subeditors are not expected to be multilingual’, said the weekly column of the readers’ editor, ‘they should put the right accents on names in all languages, where possible’. Subeditors are journalists. In trying to distinguish between the roles the column should have referred to writers/reporters and subeditors.”

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(Hat-tip: Press Gazette)

Greenslade: ‘Why we don’t need subeditors’ (in his own words)

Roy Greenslade blogs about his discussion on sub-edting at yesterday’s Publishing Expo. He gives quite a bit of background before, in the 14th paragraph, picking up the point the (journalism) world is all-of-a-Tweet about:

“So I stand by what I said yesterday that we should accept that the current level of subbing numbers could be drastically reduced. In some cases, a layer of the editorial process can be eliminated altogether.”

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